With the increase of popularity of GraphQL , testing demand has also increased. And our favorite Postman has built in capabilities to test your Graphql APIs.

We will see how you can export your schema, you need a GraphQL client like Altair or GraphQL which you can use to export your schema.
I’m going to use the Altair client for the post.Click on the “Export SDL” to download the schema. Make sure you have refreshed the “Docs” before exporting the schema.

export graphql schema from Altair

Once your schema is exported , we need to see how to import and use it in the postman tool

import the graphql schema into postman

After successful import you should be able to see all your GraphQL queries and Mutations right from the postman tool.

And at last, the good part is you can use the Autocomplete feature also once it is loaded.

Graphql Autocomplete feature in postman