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In this section, we will learn about the frames in a web page and how to identify the frames. Also, we will find out how we can handle a frame in Selenium WebDriver.

Many developers like to place elements inside a frame. The frame is just like a container where few elements can be grouped.

Identification of a frame:

Different ways to know if the element is present inside a frame or not

#1. Right-click on the element. Check if “This Frame” option is available. If This frame option is available, it means that the element is inside a frame.

#2. View page source of the web page and check if any tag is available for ‘iframe’.

Verify Number of frames in a webpage:

All the frames are having the tag name as “iframe”.

List<WebElement> frameList=driver.findElements(By.tagName(“iframe”));

In above exampleframeList will have all the list of frames and frameList.size() will give the number of frames.

Handling an element inside the frame:

If an element is inside a frame then control has to switch to frame first and then start operating on the elements.

Step 1: To switch inside a frame:

driver.switchTo().frame(1); //pass frame number as parameter.
driver.switchTo().frame(“frame Name”); //pass frame name as parameter.
driver.switchTo().frame(“xpath of the frame”);

Step 2: After switching inside a frame selenium will be able to operate on elements.